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The Little Purple Ringing Book

A trusty pocket guide packed with details of hundreds of methods, ranging in difficulty from Reverse Canterbury Doubles to Stedman Triples, on four to ten bells. With diagrams and explanations, it will tell you how to ring these methods and what to look out for, what is unusual about them and how their calls work.

It will provide you with method ideas, teach you to call quarter peals, help you gain confidence on eight and ten bells, and guide you towards ringing simple surprise minor – progressing from the ‘blue zone’ to the ‘red zone’. Read our launch article or Simon Gay’s review to find out more.

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Available in A6 (148 × 105 mm) or A5 (210 × 148 mm) sizes. 56 pages.

Download the errata to the first printing – these are largely corrected in the revised version now on sale.


Three pocket books for bellringers containing grids and lines of popular methods.

Criblines was first produced David J Marshall and Alison Popplewell in 1979. With David’s permission, The Ringing World are delighted to announce a new edition with a fresh look and colour throughout. Read our launch article to find out more.

Surprise Minor

The 41 regular surprise minor methods, including all the most popular surprise methods: Cambridge, Norwich, London, Ipswich, Bourne, Beverley and Surfleet.

Includes a table of method names and diagrams of the bobs for each method group.

A7 size (105 × 74 mm); 52 pages.
Also available in large A6 size (148 × 105 mm).

Plain Minor

A new addition to the Criblines collection. Contains the 35 regular plain minor methods, including the most popular plain methods: Plain Bob, St Clement’s, Single and Double Oxford, Buxton and Double Court.

A bob and single diagram is given on every method page, and a table of method names by overworks and underworks.

A7 size (105 × 74 mm); 44 pages.

Treble Dodging Major

66 surprise, delight and treble bob major methods. A newly revised selection which includes Kent, the Standard Eight, all the methods from Norman Smith’s well-known composition of 23-spliced, and many promoted by Simon Linford in ‘Project Pickled Egg’.

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A7 size (105 × 74 mm); 72 pages.

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